Retirement Planning Made Simple


So do your investments. Enter Coach Capital Management, LLC

For many people, retirement planning is something of an afterthought. It's something they do just before retirement, AFTER, they have spent a lifetime saving and investing. The problem is, not all financial instruments are the same, and the sad truth is, most of the products sold while working and accumulating retirement assets are not the best instruments to retire with. Holding these products into retirement can result in inefficiencies that drain resources, increase taxes, and not only do little to ensure reliable lifetime income, but can actually sabotage it..


The Safety First/Coach Capital Process

Often clients are presented with a false choice: have more money now while you are younger and more active, or save it until later in case you have a longer-term need. We call this Long Life vs. Good Life, in other words, choose between more now and less later, or less now and more later.

This false choice can lead to costly planning mistakes like poor Social Security and pension elections, inefficient structuring of withdrawals, mismanagement of taxes, and outliving your money. Worse, many of these are one-time decisions that cannot be undone. Mistakes can not only be costly, but they can haunt you for the rest of your life, as well as that of your spouse.


We use a different approach. An approach that begins with desired outcomes and may well end with more money now, and more money later. We call it "Last Things First." You can just call it more money.


  • Brief conversation about your needs.
  • Determine if our services are a good fit for you.
  • Schedule initial discovery meeting.


  • Determine life goals and priorities
  • Discuss hot-button issues like market risk, taxes, inflation, long-term care, etc.
  • Draft a budget
  • Detail current assets and investment priorities
  • Assess risk tolerance with Riskalyze®
  • Run an ABC Plan, determining what you want your money to do for you


  • Examine and discuss our suggested plan. Detail what you do and don’t like or feel comfortable with. Analyze the impact of changes, and arrive at a plan acceptable to you, the client.


  • Sign contracts, transfer funds, execute the plan


  • Deliver contracts and determine if any other items need to be addressed. If so, address them.


  • Annual, or more frequent if needed, meetings to keep your goals in the forefront and be sure the plan is holding up. Address any major changes that may impact plan viability and effectiveness.

Ready To Take The Next Step?

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