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Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

I was reading an article from Morningstar the other day, and while I was agreeing with much of what the author said, a lot of it was troubling to me. Allow me to explain. The title of the article was, “These Products Offer Protection, but at What Price?” Just that […]

Should You Use a Robo Advisor for Retirement Investing?

As technology has progressed and computers have become smarter, robo advising investment services have become more common. Robo advisors provide investment advice via a computer algorithm instead of a personal financial advisor. What are robo advisors?  Robo advisors are basically automated investing services. When you set up an account with a robo […]

7 Ways to Prevent Loneliness After You Retire

When you retire from work, you retire from pressure, stress, deadlines, performance reviews, boring meetings and that annoying guy down the hall who spends all day making personal phone calls that everyone can hear. But you will also leave behind something that is more important than you may realize: human contact. […]

5 Ways to Be Happier When You Retire

Psychologists have determined that each of us has our own individual set point of happiness. As events unfold in our lives, we may temporarily become more or less happy, but then as time goes on, we revert to our mean level of happiness. But the same experts also tell us that […]

How to Create a Simple Retirement Plan

You know the old saying about failing to plan means you’re planning to fail. The same goes for retirement. If you don’t make a plan, you may never get to retire. And if you don’t have a vision of what your retirement years will look like, you’ll likely drift through your […]