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"Until you remove risk it's not planning, it's hoping..." -Stephen Kelley

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If you want to change your outcome, you have to change your approach.

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Meet Safety First Financial Planners, where Stephen J. Kelley, Mark Perkins and George W. Perkins offer more than 100 years of collective experience in the insurance and finance industries. Safety First Financial Planners is helping the clients to learn and how to take control of their financial future and be intentional about their financial decisions with a safe, simple, and easy to use system anyone can understand.

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The Planning Process

How can you know what you SHOULD do if you don’t know what you CAN do?

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Safety First Financial Planners is a proud member of the Simplicity consortium of financial professionals. Simplicity is a national organization with over $2 billion in annual sales, and hundreds of billions under contract.

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