The Rules of the Game Have Changed. Are You Ready?

The Baby Boom generation has seen the rules of retirement change so completely it’s as if the ground shifted from beneath their feet. In our parent’s day, people worked most of their lives, and if they were lucky, were able to enjoy two or three years of retirement bliss before passing on. Companies often provided pensions, and a person’s lifetime savings could usually earn enough of a return to providing for a couple of years of retirement. In the 1940s, recognizing that many widowed wives were outliving their husbands by three or four years, Congress and the president created Social Security so these people would not have to live in poverty. In the past generation,this has completely changed. Pension plans have disappeared, Social Security has failed to keep up with inflation, interest rates have fallen to near zero, and people are facing twenty…thirty…or even forty years of retirement. Further, in the past decade, the tools we were supposed to be able to use to prepare have proven woefully inadequate to the task.

Everyone knows that the methods we have been taught about managing and growing our money have been great for Wall Street, but not so great for the investor. However, very few people know where to turn. If you want to change your results you have to change your approach. We believe it’s time to find a different way of managing your money. A way that replaces risk with safety. That replaces fees with guarantees. A way that spells out exactly what you can expect and when you can expect it. A way without gimmicks or half-truths. A way that changes your hopes into a plan you can trust…by replacing risk and uncertainty with safety and guarantees.

The 24-Day Retirement Planning Master Class E-course:

A 24-day Series of five-minute videos. Among of the subjects covered are:

Day 1
Retirement Questions
Day 3
Annuity Primer
Day 4
Safe Money Contracts
Day 5
Index Annuities
Day 6
Market Like Returns
with CD Safety

Day 7
Personal Pension Plans
Day 8
Market Upside without Loss
Day 9
Guaranteed Income for Life
Day 10
The Longevity Problem
Day 13
Long Term Care Solutions

Day 17
Roth Advantage
Day 18
Estate Planning
Day 19
Reverse Mortgage
Day 20
IRA Rollover
Day 21
Income Buckets

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Worried about running out of money? Concerned about market risk, taxes and inflation? High fees have you frustrated? Wondering how to get the most money out of your retirement accounts without taking an exorbitant amount of risk?

Syndicated “Free Money Guy”® radio personality, author, nationally known speaker and retirement planning guru Stephen Kelley reveals the retirement planning lessons Wall Street hopes you’ll never learn in his simple, straightforward, easily approachable style. Thought provoking, sometimes funny, always insightful, and never dull, Kelley’s latest book, “Tell Me When You’re Going to Die, and I’ll Tell You How Well You Can Afford to Live” is a must-read for anyone preparing for, or already in retirement.

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