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We can help guide you toward a successful retirement plan focused on your needs, desires and priorities.


Today’s retirement is different.

It’s not the final chapter in the book of life but rather the beginning ... a second act. Join us at one of our seminars to see how we can help you with your retirement plan.

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By beginning with the desired outcomes, putting Last Things First, the necessary inputs are determined by the desired outcomes, thereby providing what you, the client, want, rather than what the plan can afford.


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Ready yourself for retirement with books by Stephen Kelley.

As a veteran of the financial services industry, Stephen Kelley has authored five books on various topics to help readers discover a new way of planning for their futures. Browse his titles below:

  • Ready. Set. Retire! Crafting a Worry-Free Retirement Plan You Can Live With
  • Know-So Money/Hope-So Money: Retirement Secrets Wall Street Doesn’t Want You to Know
  • Tell Me When You’re Going to Die and I’ll Show You How Well You Can Afford to Live
  • Safe Harbors That Can Reduce Taxes, Remove Risk, and Protect Your Retirement
  • Retirement Planning Riches: The Easiest Way to Guarantee a Lifetime of Safe Retirement Income Without Risk

“Until You Remove Risk, It's Not Planning, It's Hoping...”

-Stephen Kelley

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